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LED Strip Lights For Merchandising and Display Cases
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  LED Display Lighting

Retail store owners are always looking to optimize the visual appeal of the products they sell, and lighting obviously plays a key role in this search. Whether showcasing precious diamonds or a delicious golden pastry, lighting is now viewed as a tool to boost sales rather than a sunken energy cost, and it’s no secret that LED lighting is at the forefront of this change in thinking.

Of course, as many business owners already know, Customized lighting solutions are not only expensive, but also come with limited flexibility to be reconfigured as your business grows.  For these reasons, more businesses are using LED strip lights for merchandising and display case lighting. Let’s look at some of the key features that drive their usefulness in such applications.

Energy Efficient

Producing in excess of 100 lumens per watt, LED strip lights generate brilliant light while using very little power. This best-in-class efficiency means you can run your lights all day long without fear of driving up your energy costs. Also, check with local regulations – many homes and businesses receive tax benefits for using high efficacy LED lighting.


Jewelry industry magazine JCK reports that diamonds and platinum look best under lighting at a color temperature of around 6500k, while yellow gold is optimally viewed at around 3000k. What lighting system provides this sort of versatility, allowing all products to look their best? Because their individual diodes can be configured in nearly limitless ways, LED strip lights provide this solution. They are available in just about any color temperature, brightness, and shade, including multi-color RGB, and can even be attached to a dimmer and controlled via remote, extending versatility even further.


Strips can be curved, cut, and connected to suit any length, including long-distance runs that are otherwise very expensive to properly illuminate. With a thin, low profile and adhesive backing, they can follow curves and remain totally hidden while still providing direct product lighting. Importantly, they can be taken down and reassembled in different configurations as your business grows.

High CRI

CRI (Color Rendering Index) is a measure of how well a particular light source renders vivid, natural color. Lamps, tubes, or bulbs with an index of greater than 90 are generally considered High CRI light sources, and will make food, jewels, or any other product come alive with bright, natural color.

Cool Operating Temperature

In high quality LED strip lights, the flexible PCB acts as a heat sink that draws heat away from the LED chips while they are in use. This allows the lights to remain cool during operation, meaning they will generate no excess heat. This is obviously critical for the food and floral industries, where LEDs are rapidly being employed in both display and refrigeration cases.


Our high quality LED strip lights are rated for up to 50,000 hours of use, with no service or maintenance costs along the way. This means several years of excellent lighting, and no need to change a burned out bulb or tube. In fact, it’s very possible your LED lights will still be shining brightly when you are ready to move from your current retail space! Further, LED strip lights can easily be outfitted with IP weatherproofing to protect them against water, dust, and other environmental hazards. 

 Customized Display Lighting Solution include:
*** led strip light  
 ***led aluminum profile
***Power track and connector
***UL power supply