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Custom LED Retail Showcase and Display Lighting
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LED Retail Showcase and Display Lighting

One of the best applications for LED lighting is in retail showcases and displays. LED lighting allows your products to really stand out in their displays. Light creates a unique shopping experience that stimulates a customers buying behavior. Top retailers all already use LED lighting in their display cases. Halogen and florescent display lighting not only diminishes the appearance of your products, but use substantially more energy and have a much shorter lifespan. Below are some examples of the effect created by using LED lighting in your retail display cases.

Our LED Display Lighting system include:

1. Power Connector, connect Power track and LED light bar

2. Power Track: offer power for LED light bar, 12/24V working voltage

3. U shape or V shape and many different LED Light profile to meet your request. 

For more LED Light Profile, please reference