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How To Install LED Strip Lights Under Cabinet
Source: | Author:mlighting | Published time: 2019-06-13 | 700 Views | Share:

The first step is choosing the right LED strip lights. The most important thing to check is the brightness. If you plan to use the light for illumination, the brighter the better. On the other hand, if it is for decoration, you can do with less intensive LED strips. To be safe, get the bright options and then install a dimmer for more control.

Installing an LED strip is fairly easy and straightforward. You just need to measure the length of your cabinet along where you plan to install the lights and then cut off the same length from your LED strip. You will need extra low-voltage wires if you plan to connect a dimmer to the strip.

Most strip lights come with an adhesive back with a protective cover on top. This should be enough for most types of cabinets. For rougher cabinet surfaces such as concrete, an extra adhesive can be used. Some strip lights attach to the cabinet using screwed-in clips.

Once you have set up the strip, plug it into a power outlet and switch it on. If it requires hardwiring, you are better off leaving the installation to a trained technician.

Pros and cons of led under cabinet lighting


  • Extremely energy efficient, which means substantial energy savings
  • Low heat output
  • Long life
  • Easy installation
  • Dimmable


  • Though prices have been coming down rapidly in the last few years, LED lighting is still significantly more expensive than other forms of under cabinet lighting. But this cost is often offset by energy savings made during the lifetime of the lighting.